Our company pro bono program assists low-income residents of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In assisting volunteer private practice attorneys, public defense attorneys, and legal services who are seeking to provide adequate equal access to the legal system of justice for individuals who seeking redress of grievances in civil matters. But are unable to provide the necessary investigation services that typically the district attorney has great access too. Especially for individuals who are facing criminal charges and their attorney has limited resources to adequately defend their client. Our company investigating services sit down with the attorneys and provide criminal defense investigation services under our pro bono program with no fees attached to the attorneys and clients.

      As a means of providing something to the communities that have given so much to us our investigators have established a pro bono program. Once provided with a case our investigators will review it, and - dependent upon the complexity and dynamics of said case - our investigators will give you and your attorney a determination if we would be able to provide new evidence to support your case. All of this is provided by investigators with years of experience in cold case and criminal defense investigations.